Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This past Sunday, I marched in the Veteran's Day parade. It was the second consecutive year of doing so. I wore a blue skirt, red pullover, and blue flats. I had to bundle up because of the cold.

I was interviewed by graduate students from local colleges about what it means to be transgender and a veteran. I stressed that transpeople should be allowed to serve. I also mentioned that throughout history transpeople answered their country's call. Younger people seem to be more open LGBT people.

One reason that I march is that there are transgender veterans who, for their own reasons, cannot. I believe that by my marching I represent transpeople.

When we marched up the avenue the crowds of people cheered us, thanking us for our service. It didn't matter what sexual/gender orientation we are. I am happy that people still feel strongly about our servicemen and servicewomen.I helped carry the banner for our group, American Veterans for Equal Rights. I kept blowing in my hand to keep from getting frostbite. If it's this cold next year, I'll remember to wear gloves.


Monica Roberts said...

You may want to check out TAVA, the Transgender American Veterans Association as well.

genevieve said...

I read their webstie quite often. I am going to become a member.