Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last night, I attend our bi monthly bible study. We had ten people in attendance. It was great seeing some new faces. I met for the first time someone who has attended in the past. It's amazing the love for God that my gay friends have. I am the only transgender among the group but I have a much better understanding of gay and lesbian people and issues involved. A young lesbian lady was in attendance, also.

In the past months my love for the gay and lesbian communities has grown along with my heart for transgender people. It's not so much for the issues that we know about, but they are loving and caring people who have come to terms with their sexuality. Just as I have come to terms with my gender expression and identity, they need to be respected and loved and accepted. Gay and transgender issues are closely tied to each other though there are some who think that they are not.

I have seen some changes in some of our social institutions regarding LGBT people. It's happening in the workforce, businesses, schools, prisons, churches, colleges,universtites, and in the political arena. People are asking questions and seeking answers because LGBT people are a visible force to be dealt with. My hope is that non LGBT people can be more educated and less phobic about us. I would love to sit down with someone and share with them why I crossdress. I would love to share with others that I am comfortable with who I am.

A question I often ask is what would non LGBT people do if they discovered that a relative or family member is gay, or lesbian, or transgender, or bisexual. What would they do if a member of their family likes to crossdress? Would they still love that person? It's something to think about.

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