Thursday, June 07, 2007

Last evening I attended a trans health fair at the community center. It was the first of its kind that deals specifically with transgnder and gender variant people. Many came out and I was glad to see a good turn out from the community. Health care can be an adventure for transgenders in that they don't always get the proper care they deserve. Couple that with the transphobia and cruel words directed at them many avoid getting the medical care they may need.

I was interviewed for a survey about medical care in the transgender community. Though I have never gone to the doctor cross dressed, a thought came to me. What kind of medical care would I receive if I arrived at a medical facility cross dressed? Would I be treated less than a human being or subjected to slurs and insults? I spoke at length with the interviewer about this concern. The passion about this concern welled up within me. I never knew that it concerned me that much. The horror stories that I have heard and read about makes me think about the matter with a critical and analytical concern.

There's so much that needs to be done regarding medical care. Perhaps this is another area that I can volunteer for.

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